Caught off guard by a Rosacea attack?

Don’t be left blushing, manage your symptoms with Dr Hala to keep those flare-ups under control!

  • Acne, Redness, Sensitive Skin, Dilated Blood Vessels
  • Treatment Duration From 30 Minutes
    Variable Downtime
  • Pricing from £120

Rosacea is a common but poorly understood condition, mainly affecting the face. Early Rosacea often presents as “Flushing”, temporary redness and increased sensitivity. Symptoms will periodically worsen and improve, as Rosacea is a relapsing condition.

Rosacea initially appears as temporary “flushing” of the skin, however the symptoms can progressively worsen without treatment.

Symptoms of temporary flushing may become permanent, and the skin may begin to sting and burn. This can then progress to development of pustules and papules, and surface blood vessels may become visible.

Often these symptoms appear and worsen when exposed to “triggers”. Some recognised triggers are:

  • Sun exposure
  • Stress
  • Alcohol and caffeine
  • Spicy foods
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Hot or cold weather

Whilst there is no cure, the long-term benefits of Rosacea treatment can be life-changing.

These benefits include:

  • Flare-ups frequency will be reduced, and less severe
  • Symptom progression can be slowed or halted entirely
  • The visibility of blood vessels in the surface of the skin can be reduced
  • Acne in Acne Rosacea can be reduced and managed long-term
  • Reduced anxiety and improved confidence knowing your Rosacea flare-ups are under control.

Most individuals can expect to see significant results within 1-3 months of Rosacea treatment, however it is anything but a sprint to the finish.

Effective treatment relies on a collaboration of our clinical efforts and conscious effort from you. Whilst undergoing treatment it is important to take measures to avoid the previously mentioned triggers of Rosacea.

With a combination of long-term treatment and necessary lifestyle changes you can expect the best possible outcome in the treatment of your Rosacea.

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Anna Marin Chapuis
Anna Marin Chapuis
23:53 03 Feb 20
Loved my experience with Dr. Hala and the two Dr. Marias who took excellent care of me from beginning to end. The consultation was extremely informative and fascinating, after the consultation Dr. Hala recommended exactly what my skin was in need... for to fix any issues I had been experiencing in one go. The price of the treatments are of very fair value to the amazing quality and results that follow. I highly recommend Dr. Hala and will not go to any other clinic except hers even if I don't live in London. Absolutely superb service, very sanitary and nice clinic, all in all perfect. Thank you!read more
Charlotte Gidden
Charlotte Gidden
14:57 10 Jan 20
All the staff are extremely friendly and very professional. So far great results! So happy to find this place!
Filiz Salihu
Filiz Salihu
21:29 02 Jan 20
I was at the clinic today and loved every second of the experience! The place is lovely , the staff even lovelier and my face has never been more glowy! The prices are also very worth of the service that you get from The girls in the clinic ! Thank... you for making my skin look beautiful again!read more
Shazia Jafry
Shazia Jafry
19:09 15 Dec 19
God’s gift to Fulham and Chelsea. To have a medically trained professional offering bespoke skin care on your doorstep is a miracle. Cannot thank the lovely staff enough for looking after me today. Hope this is the start of a great skin care... more
leandra g
leandra g
15:41 14 Dec 19
This place is exceptional! Dr. Hala and Maria are very lovey. From the service to the treatment. They explained in detail each step. They made me feel comfortable and made sure I was okay throughout the whole process. Very lovely!!!! My face feels... brand new after the facial and the IV drip worked more
Lucinda Cunningham
Lucinda Cunningham
00:49 20 Nov 19
I had an excellent facial today with Dr Hala. She’s improved my skin so much since coming to her (I had cystic acne suddenly come out of no where and in almost 6 months of treatments it’s nearly gone with no scaring). She is fantastic and very... receptive to your individual needs. She always analyses your skin to provide the best treatment at the time according to what your skin needs and she listens to you, taking on board any suggestions. I would thoroughly recommend. 5****read more
Jacinta Scully
Jacinta Scully
16:11 26 Aug 19
Dr Hala is amazing, she analyses your skin first, before she suggest treatment.. she is a lovely kind very hardworking honest lady.. who I believe really wants to work her best, and definitely not rip you off like almost all other places.. which... just take your money.. and sell you useless products, that are very expensive and do nothing,, Dr Hala works on your own skin needs, and tries to see what you can afford. I would definitely recommend anybody who has problem skin to go to this clinic .. they wont be disappointed. All the staff are really lovely and friendly also. I would give it a 10 out of 10. Brilliant more
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