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Dr Hala Skin Brightening Serum


Alpha Arbutin successfully blocks skin’s tyrosinase activity resulting to the prevention of melanin formation leaving skin brighter and lighter. Glutathione a powerful antioxidant which also deactivates the enzyme tyrosinase to further inhibit melanin synthesis. Azelaic acid, a di-carboxylic acid widely used to brighten and to calm red and inflamed skin, natural lemon, and liquorice extract are combined with alpha-hydroxy acid to promote further skin lightening of areas of concern.


This highly active serum provides a poly-focal, clinical, approach to areas of skin discoloration. It contains, azelaic acid to help calm inflammation, alpha-arbutin and glutathione to inhibit melanin synthesis, the main cause of pigmentation, together with vitamins E & C to provide antioxidant protection. Apply liberally to areas of concern at night-time only.


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