Deep Cleansing Facial

Deep cleansing clears away impurities from the skin; blackheads, whiteheads, and micro-cysts to achieve a fresh, healthy, and radiant look.

  • Congested and Problematic Skin, Open Pores, Blocked Pores
  • 45 to 90 Minute Treatment Time
    Zero Downtime
  • Pricing from £75

The deep cleansing is the classic facial which involves extraction of all the impurities that lie under the skin or at the surface, such as comedones and whiteheads. 

Deep cleansing can be considered to be the starting point to achieving clear and glowing skin. This is because the skin cannot maintain a fresh appearance if it is not healthy from within.

We often combine the deep cleansing with a peel to prolongs the benefits of the facial. This is because the skin is bare and the active ingredients in the peel can penetrate the skin unobstructed. 

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  • Congested skin
  • Acne prone skin

Your therapist will first cleanse, exfoliate, and steam your skin to prepare it for the treatment. The cleanse and exfoliation steps remove impurities from the surface of the skin to provide a clean environment for extractions, and the steaming process opens the pores to allow blackheads and other imperfections to be removed as gently as possible.

A thorough extraction will then be performed on the face and your therapist may use specialised extraction tools to remove impurities from deep within the skin.

This will be followed up by a peel or the application of specific serums that will aid in the recovery of your skin and the maintenance of results.

Downtime can vary depending on the extent of extractions required and can range from a couple of days to a full week; the better the condition of the skin prior to treatment, the smaller the downtime.

The skin may appear red and inflamed at the point of deep extractions, which will heal to leave clear and smooth skin behind.

You can expect to see results after the healing process of the first treatment, which generally takes a few days. Your skin will be visibly less congested, blackheads will reduce in number and the skin will be less prone to acne.

For best results we recommend a course of several weekly treatments combined with peels, and you can expect these results after 3-6 treatments depending on the initial state of the skin.

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