Reduce wrinkles, dark circles, cellulite and stretch marks. Reduce fat deposits and more with carboxytherapy.

  • Wrinkles, Stretch Marks, Cellulite, Dark Circles around Eyes, Localised Fat Reduction, Skin Pathologies; e.g Psoriasis or Eczema
  • 45 Minute Treatment Time
    12 Hours: Potential Minor Bruising/Swelling
  • Pricing from £90

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical FDA-approved cosmetic treatment utilizing injections of carbon dioxide into the skin or deeper tissue. This stimulates blood flow whilst increasing collagen production therefore improving skin elasticity, texture.

Carboxytherapy can also help to reduce local fat deposits. This is achieved as the CO2 gas initiates lipolysis. This is the breakdown of fat cells that are then processed by the liver and removed from the body. 

The effect of the gas depends on where and how deep it is injected making carboxytherapy a versatile and effective treatment for many different indications.

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  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch Marks
  • Cellulite
  • Dark circles around eyes
  • Reduce localized fat
  • Skin pathologies including psoriasis and eczema
  • Face, neck and body

The skin is cleansed followed by a few quick injections to the site needed performed only by Dr Hala. The concentration and amount of CO2 is tailored to your specific skin concerns.

Small areas such as dark circles around the eyes require only 2-3 injections per eye, whilst larger areas such as cellulite or fat reduction may require a few more with weekly treatments.

Normally there is no downtime but some individuals may experience swelling and/or bruising that usually subsides within 12-24 hours post-treatment.

Results vary between the skin concerns and individuals.

For dark circles the results are instant, as the gas travels through the dark circles under the eye they will instantly become lighter.

For concerns such as stretch marks or cellulite, you could expect to see results after 6-10 weekly treatments, varying depending on severity.

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